Tool for mobile sales representatives useful in pharmacy, insurance and retail

What we do:

  • Geolocation management tool

    Manage your employees working in the field, receive reports on their precise location.

  • Mobile task management

    Plan the tasks assigned to client’s location, meeting place etc.

  • Mobile time tracking

    Control the working day effortless (start and finish). Clock in or clock out direct from the phone.

  • Mobile Activity reporting

    Communicate, receive and create notifications about the status of tasks (start, finish, unavailable).

  • Reports

    Receive photos, scans of signatures and documents through your app. Your Reps sent them as a report.

  • Personalization

    Personalize reports, create your own forms for sales representatives, e.g. property damage report.

  • Emergencies

    Notifications about being in specific place (Areas), e.g. about failure to start the working day, failure to visit the client.

  • Areas

    Set the areas on map. Verify the frequency of visits as well as the total and average time spend in the area.

  • Android

    Available for all Android devices.

Where are we:

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